Portugal Film Commission publishes guidelines for filming in Portugal.

The Portugal Film Commission, considering the current pandemic situation of COVID-19, based on the recommendations of the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health (DGS), in collaboration with the Portuguese Film and Audiovisual Institute and with the associations of producers (APCA, APENEIA, APIT, APPA, APPFP and PCIA) prepared a document with the basic guidelines to help everyone who plans, works or participates in filming in Portugal.

These guidelines aim to allow filming in Portugal with the least possible risk.

This document may be subject to change, whenever there are guidelines from the Portuguese Government that have an impact on the situations covered here.

See the Guidelines at the PFC website:

EN - COVID-19 - Guidelines for filming in Portugal 2020

PT - COVID-19 – Orientações para filmar em Portugal 2020