ICA shows Portuguese cinema at LisbonWeek

ICA partners with the 2017 Edition of LisbonWeek and promotes cinema cycles and a poster exhibition of Portuguese films, in several locations in Lumiar.
Between March 25 and April 2, ICA associates with LisbonWeek and promotes two cinema cycles showing a total of 25 Portuguese films. Eight national feature films shot at the TOBIS Portuguesa studios will be screened at the TOBIS Auditorium, ICA’s current location.

TOBIS Auditorium schedule.

For display at the auditorium of the Orlando Ribeiro Library, ICA has selected 14 films of cultural reference and international recognition: six feature films based on literary works of Portuguese writers and six recent short films of fiction and animation awarded in international film festivals.

 Orlando Ribeiro Library Auditorium schedule.

Attendance is free but limited to the capacity of the rooms and pending previous registration.

On March 25, opening day of the initiative, the documentary TOBIS PORTUGUESA (2010), by Manuel Mozos and Pedro Éfe, will be in continuous screening at Studio 1, in the TOBIS Portuguesa building.

ICA will also be featuring, in different locations, an exhibition entitled "Cinema Tour in Lumiar”, with about 140 posters of Portuguese films.

On the walls of the Studio 1/TOBIS building the exhibition features about of 70 posters of cinematographic works supported by ICA, focusing on the 2012-2017 period.

The exhibition continues at Praça Bernardino Machado, showing 30 posters, most of them of films shot in Studio 1/TOBIS, since its beginning, in 1932, and with the recording of the first film, A CANÇÃO DE LISBOA (1933).

At Parque das Conchas it will be possible to see the posters of 20 animation films and 15 national film festivals, all supported by ICA.

This exhibition will be featuring until june.